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Giant Chess Sets- the luxury gift
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How to win in style.
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Yearbook 128

Yearbook 128.
Type: BOOKS. Detail: Jan Timman. Product Code: 9789056917920.
Category: CLEARANCE. Publisher: .
Price: AUD $55.00 Now $19.95 (64% discount!!)
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The Yearbook not only covers the latest fashions, but also offers fresh insights into underrated gambits, rare continuations, and almost forgotten weapons.1.e4 openings Sicilian Defence Najdorf Variation 6.Bg5 Ponomariov Sicilian Defence Accelerated Dragon 5.c4 Gutman Sicilian Defence Four Knights Variation 6.Nxc6 Videnova Sicilian Defence Taimanov Variation 5...Qc7 Fogarasi Sicilian Defence Taimanov Variation 5...Qc7 Skatchkov Sicilian Defence Closed Variation 3.d4 Simeonidis French Defence Steinitz Variation 5.f4 Predke French Defence Steinitz Variation 5.f4 K. Szabo CaroKann Defence Advance Variation 3...c5 Adhiban CaroKann Defence Advance Variation 3...Bf5 Panczyk/Ilczuk CaroKann Defence Advance Variation 3...Bf5 Rodi Scandinavian Defence Main Line 2...Qxd5 3.Nc3 Qa5 Lorenzini Petroff Defence Nimzowitsch Variation 5.Nc3 Sethuraman Ruy Lopez Berlin Defence 4.d3 Lukacs/Hazai Ruy Lopez NeoSteinitz Variation 4...d6 McShane1.d4 openings Catalan Opening Open Variation 6...dxc4 Vilela NimzoIndian Defence Classical Variation 4.Qc2 Timman NimzoIndian Defence Vienna Variation 6.Bg5 h6 Ninov Queen's Indian Defence Classical Variation 4...Bb7 Predke Grnfeld Indian Defence Fianchetto Variation 9...Re8 Kuljasevic Benoni Defence Fianchetto Variation 7.g3 Ris Queens Pawn Openings London System 3.Bf4 Bosch Queens Pawn Openings The AntiChigorin Line 3.g3 GondaOthers English Opening Reversed Sicilian 3...f5 Ikonnikov English Opening Symmetrical Variation 3...d5 Ca. Hansen English Opening Flohr/Mikenas Variation 3...d5 CummingsExercisesWith more than 75 practical opening exercises to test your understanding.The Yearbook is a musthave publication for all serious chess students. Softback, 256 pages.

This is the product image for Yearbook 128. Detail: Jan Timman. Product ID: 9789056917920.
				Price: $19.95.

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