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DGT1001 now arrived! new
CHESS_ACE, Wed 23 May 2018 11.12am - The new DGT 1001 has arrived. Great size and great price. For more information see more. (1701010100)


ChessBase 14 Starter Pack
CHESS_ACE, Sun 15 April 2018 12.00am - ChessBase 14 Starter Pack now available. For more information see more. (1612200329)


DGT Easy Clock Black Beyond
CHESS_ACE, Sun 15 April 2018 12.00am - DGT Easy Clock Black Beyond now available! For more information see more. (1605160752)


A Universal Weapon 1.d4 d6

A Universal Weapon 1.d4 d6.
Type: BOOKS. Detail: Barsky, V. Product Code: 9789548782791.
Category: OPENINGS QP. Publisher: .
Price: AUD $39.95 Now $29.95 (25% discount!!)
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224 pages, softback. For those of you shopping around for an anti1.d4 opening, IM Vladimir Barsky proposes an answer based entirely around 1...d6. It's sound and has been used by outstanding players like Anand, Topalov, Adams, Svidler, Bologan, Miles, and by transposition even Kasparov, Kramnik and Smyslov have given it a punt. From a practical perspective, it has the advantage of not being overly theoretical, of being unfamiliar to many players with White, and is the sort of opening where the Black player's advantage in experience can be a real boon.There are drawbacks too, but they need not be fatal. One is that you must be ready for 2.e4, in case White decides to switch away from a queenside interpretation. Second, it probably doesn't equalize against 2.Nf3 Bg4 3.c4 (so say I big deal, who cares, Avrukh bigger deal, worth caring about at least a little and Barsky himself if you read through the variations carefully). Third, a move like 1...d6 obviously gives White a lot of room to choose the kind of game he wants. It's not that all White's options are equally great, but some players prefer openings that speedily reach positions with a lot of concrete, forcing lines. Review by Dennis Monokroussos.

This is the product image for A Universal Weapon 1.d4 d6. Detail: Barsky, V. Product ID: 9789548782791.
				Price: $29.95.

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Starting Out: Modern Benoni. . $27.95.

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