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King's Indian 2

King's Indian 2.
Type: BOOKS. Detail: Jones, G. Product Code: 9781784831752.
Category: 1 D4 OPENINGS. Publisher: .
Retail Price: AUD $59.95 (includes GST)
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Kings Indian 2 is the concluding volume of a complete repertoire for Black.

GM Gawain Jones is the ideal guide, as a world class player and longstanding expert on the Kings Indian. This book version of his Chessable course has been extensively edited and reorganized by Quality Chess.

Subjects covered in this book include playing the Kings Indian against the English 1 c4 and the Reti 1 Nf3. It also looks at those annoying anti Kings Indian lines such as the London System.

Softback, 664 pages.

This is the product image for King's Indian 2. Detail: Jones, G. Product ID: 9781784831752.
				Price: $59.95.

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