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Chess Bag Drawstring (Cloth)

Chess Bag Drawstring (Cloth).
Type: EQUIPMENT. Detail: BAGS. Product Code: PCSC.
Retail Price: AUD $6.50 (includes GST)
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Keep your pieces complete, snug, and happy in this blue cloth drawstring bag. It's the easiest way to store a full set of chessmen.

Whether your set has 32 or 34 pieces, all fit in a single bag.

Specifications: Bag size: approximately 12.7cm W, 15.2cm D, 22cm H. or in inches 5 " W 6"D x 9"H.Quick drawstring closure, Sewn base for round structure.

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This is the product image for Chess Bag Drawstring (Cloth). Detail: BAGS. Product ID: PCSC.
				Price: $6.50.

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