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Strike like Judit has arrived! new
CHESS_ACE, Thu 21 February 2019 12.38pm - The new book, Strike like Judit, has arrived! For more information see more. (1808040335)

Magnus Carlsen wins World Championship!
CHESS_ACE, Thu 29 November 2018 12.00am - London hosting Carlsen-Caruana match Nov 2018. For more information see more. (1808040324)

DGT Easy Clock Black Beyond
CHESS_ACE, Wed 28 November 2018 12.00am - DGT Easy Clock Black Beyond now available! For more information see more. (1605160752)


Chess Computers back in stock!
CHESS_ACE, Sun 11 November 2018 12.00am - ChessGenuis Pro Chess Computer only $299.95 For more information see more. (1612200329)


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Name Detail Price
ChessBase Magazine 121 DVD (CBM121) CB MAGAZINES 9.95
Know the Terrain V1 Carlsbad (CBFT-COCSDVD) CB MIDDLE 19.95
Know the Terrain V2 Capablanca (CBFT-COCS2EDVD) CB MIDDLE 19.95
1.d4 Classical Repetoire White (CBFT-FOD4DVDE) CB OPENINGS 19.95
Beating the French V2 (CBOT91) CB OPENINGS 19.95
Maroczy System (Tiviakov) (CBOT84) CB OPENINGS 19.95
The Grunfeld Defence (CBFT-FOGDVD) CB OPENINGS 19.95
Tactics CD (CBMT10) CB TACTICS 19.95
No fear of 1d4 V1 Catalan (CBFT-TOCQ1EDVD) FT OPENING 19.95
Tarrasch Defence (CBFT-DOTCDVD) FT OPENING 19.95
Tricks & Traps Volume 3 (CBFT-DOTT3DVD) FT OPENING 19.95
Houdini Opening Book (CHAHOB) CONVEKTA 24.95
Chess Tactics Kit (CHACTKIT) CONVEKTA 25.00
How to Beat Younger Players (CBFT-DSYPDVD) CB GENERAL 29.95
The Secret to Chess (CBFT-ASSDVD) CB GENERAL 29.95
What GMs Don't See V1 (CBFT-AMW1DVD) CB GENERAL 29.95
What GMs Don't See V2 (CBFT-AMW2DVD) CB GENERAL 29.95
Facing the World Champions (CBFT-HIDVDE) CB INFOTAIN 29.95
The Secret Weapons Champions (CBFT-MMSWDVD) CB MIDDLE 29.95
Beating the Sicilian V1 (CBFT-BOBS1EDVD) CB OPENING 29.95
Beating the Sicilian V2 (CBFT-BOBS2EDVD) CB OPENING 29.95
Powerplay 13 The Squeeze (CBFT-KMP13DVDE) CB POWERPLAY 29.95
Powerplay 14 - Tactics (CBFT-KMP14DVDE) CB POWERPLAY 29.95
Powerplay 15 Pawn Endgames (CBFT-KMP15DVDE) CB POWERPLAY 29.95
Magic of Chess Tactics (CBFT-MTMCDVDE) CB TACTICS 29.95
ChessBase Magazine 185 (CB185) CHESSBASE 29.95
Chess King Pro with Houdini 2 (CHAKINGPRO) CONVEKTA 29.95
Complete Chess Course (CHACCC) CONVEKTA 29.95
Elementry Checkmates 1 (CHACFB2) CONVEKTA 29.95
Black repertoire 1.e4 V2 (CBFT-GOS2DVDE) FT OPENING 29.95
Gambit Opening Repertoire (CBFT-LOGOEDVD) FT OPENING 29.95
Modern Benoni for Advanced (CBFT-ZMMBEDVD) FT OPENING 29.95
Nimzowitsch-Larsen Attack (CBFT-DONLEDVD) FT OPENING 29.95
Play it safe, play the Petroff (CBFT-KOPSPEDVD) FT OPENING 29.95
Sicilian Rossolimo for White (CBFT-BOSRDVD) FT OPENING 29.95
Tactics - From Basics to Brillianve Volume (CBFT-LMT3EDVD) FT OPENING 29.95
Tactics Volume 2 (CBFT-LMT2EDVD) FT OPENING 29.95
The Fighting Philidor (CBFT-BOFPDVD) FT OPENING 29.95
The King's Indian (CBFT-BOMKIDVD) FT OPENING 29.95
V1 Expertise Step by Step (CBFT-GMCE1DVD) FT OPENING 29.95
V2 Expertise Step by Step (CBFT-GMCE2DVD) FT OPENING 29.95
V3 Expertise Step by Step (CBFT-GMCE3EDVD) FT OPENING 29.95
Winning with the Ruy Lopez V2 (CBFT-BORL2EDVD) FT OPENING 29.95
Winning with the Ruy Lopez V3 (CBFT-BORL3EDVD) FT OPENING 29.95
Amazing Albin Counter-Gambit (TOAACDVD) 1 d4 OPENING 49.95
Big Database 2013 (CBDB-BI13DVD) CB CHESSBASE 49.95
Endgame Fireworks (CBFT-SEFDVD) CB ENDGAME 49.95
Kortchnoi: My Life for Chess Vol 1 (CBFT-KI1CD) CB INFOTAIN 49.95
Kortchnoi: My Life for Chess Vol 2 (CBFT-KI2CD) CB INFOTAIN 49.95
ChessBase Tutorials: Openings #1 Open Game (CBTU1DVDE) CB TUTORIALS 49.95
ChessBase Tutorials: Openings #2 Semi-open (CBTU2DVDE) CB TUTORIALS 49.95
Chessbase Tutorials: Openings #3 Queen's G (CBTU3DVDE) CB TUTORIALS 49.95
Tutorials Openings #4 Indian Defences (CBT-4EDVD) CB TUTORIALS 49.95
Chess Assistant 12 Starter Package with Ho (CHA12SP) CONVEKTA 49.95
Beating the Berlin Defence (CBFT-SOBDEDVD) FT OPENING 49.95
Sicilian Najdorf 6.Bg5 (CBFT-SOSN6DVD) FT OPENING 49.95
King's Indian (CBFT-BOKIMADVD) CB Opening 49.99
Fritz & Chesster Part 2 (CBFUF2CDE) CB FRITZ 59.95
Fritz & Chesster Part 3 (CBFUF3CDE) CB FRITZ 59.95
Fritz & Chester part 1 (CBFUF-1.3EDVD) new CB FRITZ 59.95
Nigel Short Greatest Hits 1 (CBNS1DVD) CB INFOTAIN 59.95
Kasparov Najdorf Volume 1 (CBOT49) CB OPENING 59.95
Mr Kasparov Najdorf V2 (CBOT58) CB OPENINGS 59.95
My Best Games Seirawan (CBFT-SIDVD) Chessbase 59.95
My Best Games Slav/Semi-Slav (CBOT78) CB BEST GAME 65.00
Powerbook 2013 (CBDB-PB13) CB FRITZ 69.95
Training Package for Beginners (CHATPB) CONVEKTA 69.95
Training Package Intermediates (CHATPI) CONVEKTA 69.95
Big Database 2014 (CBDB-BI14D) CB CHESSBASE 79.95
Fritz Endgame Turbo 4 DVD (CB-T4DVDE) CB FRITZ 85.00
Mega Database 2013 (CBDB-ME13DVD) CB CHESSBASE 95.00
Update Mega 2015 v Mega 2014 (CBDB-MEU15DVD) CB CHESSBASE 99.95
Fritz Endgame Trainer (Pawn Endings) (CBF-EBCDE) CB FRITZ 99.95
Fritz 16 (9783866816312) CB ENGINES 105.00
Upgrade CB14 from CB13 (CB14U) CB CHESSBASE 135.00
Komodo 12 (KO12DVD) CB Engines 135.00
ChessBase 15 upgrade from CB14 (U15DVD) ChessBase Up 140.00
Houdini 6 Pro (9783866816268) CB ENGINES 149.95
Update Mega 2019 from 2018 (19DVD) DATABASE 150.00
Endgame Turbo 5 (DB-ET5USB) CB Engines 235.00
ChessBase 15 Starter Pack (CBP-S15DVD) new ChessBase 275.00