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A Chess Omnibus

A Chess Omnibus.
Type: BOOKS. Detail: Winter, E. Product Code: 1888690178.
Category: HISTORY. Publisher: Russell.
Retail Price: AUD $29.95 (includes GST)
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A cornucopia of hundreds of forgotten games, biographies, mysteries, exposs, quotes and much more. Richly illustrated with some 260 photographs and fully indexed. 468 pages. Softcover.A Chess Omnibus (high production value, excellent design, and great price) is one of those rare books that can keep a chess fan in rapture for weeks. If you love chess history, its a must buy. And if you want to dip your toes for the first time in the enormous sea that makes up our games past, its also a must buy. Jeremy SilmanEdward Winter is the chess worlds foremost authority on its rich history. Through his research and writings he has developed a unique voice which has brought the games history to life for chess lovers all over the world. Yasser SeirawanWriters on chess history and the games of yesteryear are not normally pathfinders or perfectionists, but Edward Winter is an exception, taking great pains not only to tackle difficult research tasks but also to present the facts precisely. Jan TimmanA Chess Omnibus provides topquality reading on almost every facet of the game, both past and present, ranging from excruciating jokes by Victorians to harrowing accounts of the tragedies that have befallen chessplayers. See what Bobby Fischer had to say about Edward Winter during a radio interview. Among the many hundreds of other features are: world championship disorder; games by leading politicians; unusual tournament prizes; Napoleon Bonaparte and chess; a game in which the winner sacrificed every piece; a memoir of Rti by his brother; premature obituaries; the Alekhine Nazi articles affair; royalty and chess; was Pillsburys brain preserved?; the worst books; players of great promise who died young; the Morphy/Staunton controversy; the chess author who mysteriously vanished.The Omnibus, which is the sequel to Kings, Commoners and Knaves, applies the highest standards of research and is written in sparkling style. The Kingpin reviewer of the earlier volume described one chapter as one of the funniest things Ive ever read, illustrating Winters hysterical deadpan humour.Winters absolute insistence on excellence (and his absolutely scrupulous fairness), together with his unremitting attacks on the cheapjacks and schlock merchants of the chessbook world, have had profoundly beneficial effects upon chess publishing. KingpinA perfectionist through and through, his energy and enthusiasm are fuelled by a commitment to presenting the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. CHESS

This is the product image for A Chess Omnibus. Detail: Winter, E. Product ID: 1888690178.
				Price: $29.95.

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