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NEW! Sultan Kahn - Hardback edition
Tue 7 July 2020 - Daniel King examines the life of the Indian who stormed the chess world from 1929-33 and then disappeared from the chess scene. For more information click here.


Attacking chess with g2-g4
Thu 2 July 2020 - Gain the upperhand with this latest release book titled "Attacking with g2-g4". For more information click here.

End of financial year bargains!!
Sat 20 June 2020 - Looking for a great bargain? Check out our books, DVDs and software at reduced prices. For more information click here.

NEW! Komodo 14
Tue 16 June 2020 - Just arrived, Komodo 14 is the latest chess software to improve your game. For more information click here.


Chess Computers with real pieces.
Fri 15 May 2020 - The top level ChessGenuis Pro Chess Computer only $299.95 For more information click here.

Super Tournaments 2003

Super Tournaments 2003.
Type: BARGAINS. Detail: Soloviov, S. Product Code: 9548782367.
Price: AUD $39.95 Now $19.95 (50% discount!!)
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This rare book includes 175 extensively commented games of some of the world's best players such as: Kasparov 12, Kramnik 35, Ponomariov 25, Anand 35 and Leko 22. Games commented with text and chess figurine algebraic notations. 16 pages high quality colour photos from different chess events Detailed surveys of the strongest tournaments of 2003. Crosstables and Interviews. Index of Openings. Index of Opponents .Annotations by top rated players such as Khalifman. Softback, 454 pages. Dimensions 165.1 x 235 x 25.4mm, 704g

This is the product image for Super Tournaments 2003. Detail: Soloviov, S. Product ID: 9548782367.
				Price: $19.95.

For more information from the manufacturer please visit www.chess-stars.com.

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Nottingham 1936. Alekhine, . $29.95.
Chicago 1926 Lake Hopatcong 1926 Ch. Sherwood, . $49.95.

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