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Strike like Judit has arrived! new
CHESS_ACE, Mon 18 February 2019 4.30pm - The new book, Strike like Judit, has arrived! For more information see more. (1808040335)

Magnus Carlsen wins World Championship!
CHESS_ACE, Thu 29 November 2018 12.00am - London hosting Carlsen-Caruana match Nov 2018. For more information see more. (1808040324)

DGT Easy Clock Black Beyond
CHESS_ACE, Wed 28 November 2018 12.00am - DGT Easy Clock Black Beyond now available! For more information see more. (1605160752)


Chess Computers back in stock!
CHESS_ACE, Sun 11 November 2018 12.00am - ChessGenuis Pro Chess Computer only $299.95 For more information see more. (1612200329)


NIC Yearbook 129

NIC Yearbook 129.
Type: BOOKS. Detail: New in Chess. Product Code: 9789056917944.
Category: Yearbook. Publisher: .
Price: AUD $55.00 Now $49.95 (9% discount!!)
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The Yearbook not only covers the latest fashions, but also offers fresh insights into underrated gambits, rare continuations, and almost forgotten weapons.1.e4 openings Sicilian Defence Moscow Variation 3...Nd7 Pijpers Sicilian Defence Najdorf Variation 6.h3 Fogarasi Sicilian Defence Four Knights Variation 6.g3 Wahls Sicilian Defence Taimanov Variation 7.Qf3 Skatchkov Sicilian Defence Nimzowitsch Variation 2...Nf6 Szabo French Defence Steinitz Variation 4.e5 Videnova French Defence Tarrasch Variation 3...c5 Ragger CaroKann Defence Classical Variation 4...Bf5 Rodi Ruy Lopez Berlin Defence 5.Re1 Flear Ruy Lopez Open Variation 6.d4 Be7 Timman Ruy Lopez Open Variation 9.Nbd2 Van der Tak Italian Game Giuoco Piano 8...a5 Hungaski Italian Game Giuoco Piano 5.Nc3 Saric Scotch Opening Scotch Gambit 5.Ng5 lAmi Kings Pawn Openings Philidor Defence 6...Nb6 Antic/Maksimovic 1.d4 openings Queens Gambit Declined Blackburne Variation 5.Bf4 Lukacs/Hazai Queens Gambit Declined Early Divergences 4...a6 Ikonnikov Slav Defence Chebanenko Variation 5.Qc2 Quintiliano Tarrasch Defence SemiTarrasch 6.g3 Ris Tarrasch Defence SemiTarrasch 6.e3 Vilela Catalan Opening Open Variation 6...dxc4 I.Almasi NimzoIndian Defence Classical Variation 4.Qc2 Vegh Kings Indian Defence Classical Main Line 9.b4 Nh5 Kuljasevic Kings Indian Defence Yugoslav Variation 6...c5 Adhiban Others English Opening Reversed Sicilian 4.e3 Ilczuk/Panczyk English Opening Symmetrical Variation 4.e3 Ponomariov Rti Opening 1...d5 2.c4 e6 Hungaski The Yearbook is a musthave publication for all serious chess students. Softback, 256 pages.

This is the product image for NIC Yearbook 129. Detail: New in Chess. Product ID: 9789056917944.
				Price: $49.95.

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Yearbook 128. NEW IN CHE. $39.95.

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