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Magnetic Chess/Checkers
Thu 22 October 2020 - A travelling chess set with checkers/draughts. For more information click here.


Chess Set - Beginner's Bundle
Wed 23 September 2020 - Bargain chess set includes hardback book! For more information click here.


Retro Chess Clock
Mon 14 September 2020 - A mechanical chess timer! For more information click here.


Rare hardcover edition
Sat 12 September 2020 - Jan Timman's Best games For more information click here.

The perfect chess present.
Sat 12 September 2020 - A chess computer for only $69.95 For more information click here.

Games Alekhine V2 1921-1924

Games Alekhine V2 1921-1924.
Type: BARGAINS. Detail: Fiala & Kalendovsky. Product Code: 8071890588.
Retail Price: AUD $39.95 (includes GST)
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The Second volume covers Alekhines chess activities in 19211924. This covers the period when the newly exiled Alekhine began to build up to his challenge for the world title. There are given mostly fully annotated tournaments games from the contemporary chess sources (Budapest, The Hague 1921, Pistyan, London, Hastings 1922, Margate, Carlsbad, Portsmouth 1923, New York 1924) and the description of his simultaneous tours of England, Scotland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Canada and USA. Includes contemporary accounts of events all of these simul exhibitions. The book contains 362 games, almost of them are fully annotated, Indexes of the players and openings. Hardback, 672 pages. Dimensions: 8.3 x 6.1 x 1.2 inches, 730 g.

This is the product image for Games Alekhine V2 1921-1924. Detail: Fiala & Kalendovsky. Product ID: 8071890588.
				Price: $39.95.

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Chess Bibliography 1850-1968. Betts, D. $79.95.
Games Alekhine V1 1892-1921. Fiala & Ka. $19.95.

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