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Forget the phone, ipad & tablet.
Sat 5 December 2020 - Bargain chess set includes hardback book! For more information click here.

Queen's Gambit- read it now
Wed 2 December 2020 - The book that inspired the Netflix hit. For more information click here.


Magnetic Chess/Draughts
Fri 27 November 2020 - A travelling chess set with checkers/draughts. For more information click here.

Chess digital clock
Tue 24 November 2020 - A school/tournament chess clock For more information click here.


Chess computer for a present?
Mon 9 November 2020 - A chess computer for only $69.95 For more information click here.


Experts vs the Sicilian

Experts vs the Sicilian.
Type: BOOKS. Detail: Aagaard & Shaw. Product Code: 9197524336.
Category: 1 E4 OPENINGS. Publisher: .
Price: AUD $47.95 Now $19.95 (58% discount!!)
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The first edition of this thought provoking book. The Sicilian Defence is the most popular opening at all levels of tournament play from Linares to the local club championship. The Sicilian is played regularly by top players such as Kasparov, Anand, Kramnik, Leko, Topalov and Shirov. This repertoire book recommends the critical main lines for White and reveals Blacks greatest fears to the reader. A multinational line up of leading experts ( 6 grandmasters and 4 international masters) give recommendations against their own pet lines in the Sicilian Defence. Experts vs. the Sicilian is the no nonsense opening repertoire for players of all strengths who want to teach the Sicilian players a lesson or two. Softback, 288 pages.

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English Attack v Taimanov. Andriasyan. $29.95.
Attacking with the Pirc. 1 E4 OPENI. $29.95.
Scotch Game CD. Beliavsky,. $4.95.

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