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Magnetic Chess/Draughts
Thu 29 October 2020 - A travelling chess set with checkers/draughts. For more information click here.

Fritz 17- software for your computer
Tue 27 October 2020 - Play quick chess or study with a master level opponent For more information click here.


Chess Set - Beginner's Bundle
Thu 15 October 2020 - Bargain chess set includes hardback book! For more information click here.

Top of the range digital clock
Wed 14 October 2020 - The World Championship chess clock For more information click here.

Can you beat the computer?
Sun 11 October 2020 - A chess computer for only $69.95 For more information click here.


The Giuoco Piano

The Giuoco Piano.
Type: BOOKS. Detail: Gufeld, E & Stetsko,O. Product Code: 9780713478020.
Category: 1 E4 OPENINGS. Publisher: .
Retail Price: AUD $34.95 (includes GST)
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The Giuoco Piano arises after 1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 Nc6 4 Bc4 Bc5 with both sides putting their pieces on the most natural squares with the aim of targeting the opposing king. Russian Grandmaster Gufeld has a user friendly approach with the emphasis on explain the games rather than using long lines of analysis. There are also two chapters on the Evans Gambit provided by grandmaster Murray Chandler. Softback 160 pages. Dimensions 214x140mm, 207g. An online reviewer was full of praise. This book is a must have for ANY chess aficionado for intermediate or advanced players alike.Beginners who have encountered or developed a liking for Giuoco Piano (also known as the "Italian game") should also pick up this book too as a future reference. Put it aside briefly until you become familiar with chess game basics, then crack open the book and get ready for some fascinating explorations of the game! Its main line play is simple and straight forward, and yet it aggressively destroys your opponent with explosive and devastating positional power (when properly executed).This in depth book beautifully covers the Giuoco Piano in all its forms and wonderful variations. It will provide hours, days, months and even years of joyful exploration as well as make you a more powerful and subtle chess player. I've always lamented that chess "How To" books seem to be either too basic, or too advanced. THIS book seems to bridge the gap nicely! That said, if your goal is to gain knowledge on a variety of chess defence strategies, this book will be too specific for you. But for those who have encountered and fallen in love with Giuoco Piano, this book will make a wonderful eclectic and FUN addition to your chess book library!

This is the product image for The Giuoco Piano. Detail: Gufeld, E & Stetsko,O. Product ID: 9780713478020.
				Price: $34.95.

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