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Magnetic Chess/Draughts
Thu 29 October 2020 - A travelling chess set with checkers/draughts. For more information click here.

Fritz 17- software for your computer
Tue 27 October 2020 - Play quick chess or study with a master level opponent For more information click here.


Chess Set - Beginner's Bundle
Thu 15 October 2020 - Bargain chess set includes hardback book! For more information click here.

Top of the range digital clock
Wed 14 October 2020 - The World Championship chess clock For more information click here.

Can you beat the computer?
Sun 11 October 2020 - A chess computer for only $69.95 For more information click here.


Dvoretsky's Analytical Manual

Dvoretsky's Analytical Manual.
Type: BOOKS. Detail: Dvoretsky, M. Product Code: 9781888690477.
Category: MIDDLEGAME. Publisher: Russell.
Retail Price: AUD $59.95 (includes GST)
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This book is aimed first of all at helping strong players complete themselves. This ensures that it will overflow with exceptionally complex analyses and exercises, which will be difficult for even the leading grandmasters to handle. But even amateur players will find something of interest in it. How can it not be interesting to peek perhaps not as an owner, but at least as a guest into the world of high level chess, to see with one's own eyes what sort of problems chess masters have to wrestle with (successfully or not), and how far from being complete even their play is? The many exercises presented in this book differ greatly from one another in their level of difficulty: some are fairly simple and accessible. It makes sense to take a stab at solving the tougher exercises, too; then later, once you have seen the answer, you will have a better grasp of your own abilities, strength and weakness. And finally: the analyses presented in this book include a multitude of most impressive passages, unusual and spectacular moves and combinations and chess players of almost any grade can certainly find enjoyment in beauty.Readers who become familiar with this book will soon see, no doubt, that side variations are often analyzed in far more detail than is necessary to follow the course of battle in the game under discussion. Why would the author do this? Because, first of all, to give an objective assessment of all, or nearly all, the previously existing commentaries, written by other annotators. But chiefly because many of these side variations are interesting and educational in and of themselves, and create supplementary exercises. Look at them simply as lyrical digressions; don't worry if they seem unconnected to the main theme. Where possible, the author has tried to lay out the principles, methods and rules, ideas and techniques that lie behind the moves. The book was also designed as a practice book, to test and underscore the reader's newly acquired knolwedge. This book takes it place next to the author's classic Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual as being one of the great books of the modern era, a book from which the serious student may take his or her knowledge and understanding of complex middlegame ideas to the next level. Softback, 400 pages. Dimensions 176 x 259 x 22mm 753g

This is the product image for Dvoretsky's Analytical Manual. Detail: Dvoretsky, M. Product ID: 9781888690477.
				Price: $59.95.

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