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Oops! I Resigned Again!

Oops! I Resigned Again!.
Type: BOOKS. Detail: Rogers,I. Product Code: 9781949859423.
Category: PUZZLES. Publisher: .
Retail Price: AUD $29.95 (includes GST)
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Who would be silly enough to resign a tournament game they were not losing? As Oops! I Resigned Again! Shows, almost anyone including some of the worlds best players! Learn the stories behind the most embarrassing moment any chessplayer can suffer, while trying to outmatch the poor, unfortunate player who resigned.

Indeed, this is the only chess puzzle book where you cannot do worse than the player in the game! Pit your wits against legends such as Kramnik, Nunn, Tarrasch and Timman, knowing that they failed the test and that you can, perhaps, do better.

Australian Grandmaster Ian Rogers has assembled 100 extraordinary positions in themed sets of 5 puzzles designed to both baffle and delight the solver, in a format which makes it easy to sneak a look at the answer! With a foreword written by US Olympian Sam Shankland baring his soul about his own silly resignation at a top level tournament Oops! I Resigned Again! Is a rare treat for chessplayers of all strengths, who after finishing the book will fervently hope never to have to say Oops. 160 pages. Dimensions 127 x 203 x 6mm, 170g

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This is the product image for Oops! I Resigned Again!. Detail: Rogers,I. Product ID: 9781949859423.
				Price: $29.95.

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