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Affordable digital chess clock
Wed 23 June 2021 - A chess clock perfect for home or schools For more information click here.


Australian Chess signed by Ian Rogers
Sun 20 June 2021 - Terrey Shaw Ironman-published in 2021 For more information click here.


Chess Carry Bag (for set and board)
Tue 8 June 2021 - A bag that is ideal for all your chess things For more information click here.


Adolf Anderssen Biography- rare
Sat 5 June 2021 - Australian author,Hardback, signed copies For more information click here.

Chess Collector's Item- $105
Wed 2 June 2021 - Autographed by 82 year old Igor Zaitsev- Kasparov's coach For more information click here.

NIC Yearbook 112

NIC Yearbook 112.
Type: BARGAINS. Detail: Sosonko, G. Product Code: 9789056915110ST.
Price: AUD $55.00 Now $9.95 (82% discount!!)
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The Forum Section has interesting contributions by wellknown players like Karsten Mller, David Smerdon, Bogdan Lalic, Andras Adorjan and more. ColumnsIn his Opening Takes, Joel Benjamin pays homage to the deceased grandmaster Dragoljub Velimirovic, who was feared for his ferocious attacks especially in sharp Sicilians.In Kuzmins Harvest, Alexey Kuzmin gives an insiders view of some unusual openings from the rapid and blitz World Championships in Dubai. PreviewWe offer a preview of the revolutionary opening book Bologans Black Weapons in the Open Games, where this top grandmaster presents in a unique way a fighting repertoire for black players in all 1.e4 e5 openings where White avoids the Ruy Lopez. ReviewsGlenn Flear reviews The Leningrad Dutch (Malaniuk/Marusenko), The Most Flexible Sicilian by Delchev/Semkov, Neil McDonalds The Kings Indian Attack move by move, and Dejan Bojkovs Modernized: The Kings Indian Defense.SurveysSicilian Defence Scheveningen Variation 7/8...Qb6 SI 22.2/23.1 AdorjanSicilian Defence Taimanov Variation 8...Be7 SI 40.2 K. SzaboPirc Defence Austrian Attack 7.Qd4 PU 11.8 StojanovicFrench Defence Early Divergences 2.b3 FR 1.1 BragaFrench Defence 3.Nc3 Other Lines FR 4.2 De DovitiisFrench Defence Steinitz Variation 8...Qb6 FR 4.4 MoskalenkoFrench Defence Winawer Variation 7.Bd3 FR 11.3 KarolyiPetroff Defence Steinitz Variation 5...Nd7 RG 2.8 WolochowiczPetroff Defence Nimzowitsch Variation 5.Nc3 RG 3.5 De DovitiisRuy Lopez Moller Variation 5...Bc5 RL 12.5 Van der TakRuy Lopez The 6.d3Line RL 13.5 A. KuzminKings Pawn Openings Two Knights: Early Divergences 3.g3 KP 7.2 TuncerKings Pawn Openings Ponziani Opening 3.c3 KP 8.8 BoschQueens Gambit Declined Cambridge Springs Variation 8.c1 QO 15.7 Panczyk/IlczukSlav Defence Chebanenko Variation 5.c5 SL 3.1 PrasannaSlav Defence 5.g3 Line SL 6.2 PeraltaCatalan Opening Accepted 4...dc4 CA 3.4 Mchedlishvili/JanjgavaNimzoIndian Defence Smisch Variation 4.f3 NI 18.8 RodiNimzoIndian Defence Ragozin Variation 4.Nf3 d5 NI 27.2 SmerdonNimzoIndian Defence Vienna Variation 4...dc4 NI 27.14 KarolyiNimzoIndian Defence 4.Nf3 Line NI 28.2 Lukacs/HazaiNimzoIndian Defence Kasparov Variation/4.Nf3 c5 5.g3 NI 28.4 ShahGrnfeld Indian Defence Exchange Variation 7.Be3 GI 4.1 FlearKings Indian Defence Early Divergences 5.Nge2 KI 31.6 IkonnikovBenoni Defence Blumenfeld Gambit 5.e4 BI 3.7 Tay/KislikBenoni Defence Fianchetto Variation 7.g3 BI 9.1516 AnticQueens Pawn Opening Trompowsky Attack 2...e6 QP 7.8 FogarasiEnglish Opening Symmetrical Variation 5.g3 EO 38.15 Finkel. Softback 256 pages.

This is the product image for NIC Yearbook 112. Detail: Sosonko, G. Product ID: 9789056915110ST.
				Price: $9.95.

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Training With Moska. Moskalenko. $49.95.
NIC Yearbook 110. Sosonko, G. $9.95.

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