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Affordable digital chess clock
Wed 23 June 2021 - A chess clock perfect for home or schools For more information click here.


Australian Chess signed by Ian Rogers
Sun 20 June 2021 - Terrey Shaw Ironman-published in 2021 For more information click here.


Chess Carry Bag (for set and board)
Tue 8 June 2021 - A bag that is ideal for all your chess things For more information click here.


Adolf Anderssen Biography- rare
Sat 5 June 2021 - Australian author,Hardback, signed copies For more information click here.

Chess Collector's Item- $105
Wed 2 June 2021 - Autographed by 82 year old Igor Zaitsev- Kasparov's coach For more information click here.

NIC Yearbook 113

NIC Yearbook 113.
Type: BARGAINS. Detail: Sosonko, G. Product Code: 9789056915124.
Price: AUD $55.00 Now $9.95 (82% discount!!)
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SPECIAL PRICE ! All the tricky developments in the chess openings. The Forum Section has interesting contributions by wellknown players like Sarunas Sulskis, Dejan Antic, Viacheslav Zakhartsov, and more.ColumnsIn his Opening Takes, Joel Benjamin waves goodbye to Judit Polgar, who has quit chess, and takes a close look at her sharp opening repertoire.In Kuzmins Harvest, Alexey Kuzmin takes a literary look at important opening developments at the Sinquefield Cup and the Bilbao Masters.PreviewWe offer a preview of Alexey Bezgodovs new book on a surprising opening weapon for Black: The Liberated Bishop Defence. A universal weapon for club players and beyond!ReviewsGlenn Flear reviews: 'The Sicilian Sveshnikov' by Vassilios Kotronias 'Bologans Black Weapons in the Open Games' Alexey Dreevs 'The Cozio Defence' 'The Modern Bogo' by Dejan Antic and Brainimir Maksimovic.SurveysSicilian Defence Najdorf Variation 7...b5 SI 7.19 OlthofSicilian Defence AntiSveshnikov 3.Nc3 SI 32.16 IkonnikovCaroKann Advance Variation 8...g5 CK 4.10 IllingworthScandinavian Defence Tiviakov Variation 3...Qd6 SD 8.9 BoschAlekhine Defence Miles Variation 5...c6 AL 10.2 BoschPetroff Defence Nimzowitsch Variation 5.Nc3 RG 3.5 FogarasiRuy Lopez Berlin Defence 9.h3 RL 7.4 A. KuzminRuy Lopez Berlin Defence 5.Re1 RL 7.4 FlearRuy Lopez New Arkhangelsk Variation 6...Bc5 RL 12.6 Van de OudeweeteringScotch Opening Classical Variation 6/7.Qe2 SO 5.8 KarolyiQueens Gambit Declined The 4...Nbd7 Complex QO 16.14 BoschSlav Defence Early Divergences 4.g3 SL 1.4 MatamorosSlav Defence Alapin Variation 5...Bf5 SL 5.6 De DovitiisSlav Defence Exchange Variation 5.Bf4 SL 11.4 Panczyk/IlczukTarrasch Defence SemiTarrasch 4...c5 TD 1.7 AnticQueens Gambit Accepted Central Variation 3.e4 QG 4.3 I. AlmasiQueens Gambit Accepted Alekhine Variation 4...Bg4 QG 5.9 GondaNimzoIndian Defence Ragozin Variation 8.dxc5 NI 27.9 PeraltaNimzoIndian Defence 4.Nf3 Line NI 28.2 Panczyk/IlczukQueens Indian Defence BogoIndian: 4.Bd2 Qe7 Line QI 1.7 GuptaQueens Indian Defence Nimzowitsch Variation 4...Ba6 QI 16.4 6 AdorjanGrnfeld Indian Defence AntiGrnfeld 3.f3 GI 1.1 RodiKings Indian Defence AntiGrnfeld 3.f3 KI 81.2 KaufmanBenoni Defence Blumenfeld Gambit 5.e4 BI 3.7 Tay/KislikQueens Pawn Openings 3.g3 Line QP 6.10 FinkelRti Opening Reversed Grnfeld 4.c3 RE 21.1 Kidambi. Softback, 256 pages.

This is the product image for NIC Yearbook 113. Detail: Sosonko, G. Product ID: 9789056915124.
				Price: $9.95.

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Training With Moska. Moskalenko. $49.95.
NIC Yearbook 110. Sosonko, G. $9.95.

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