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Dream Moves

Dream Moves.
Type: BOOKS. Detail: Sher,M. Product Code: 9789083382746.
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Retail Price: AUD $44.95 (includes GST)
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Do you want to do the same chess homework that world famous grandmasters Fabiano Caruana, Robert Hess and Peter Heine Nielsen did in their formative years as chess players? This book published in 2024 will test you with hundreds of positions created by their coach Miron Sher. Just like Fabiano, Robert and Peter, you are not supposed to stop after the first move. You have to find the last move of the solution!

Miron Sher is one of those legendary coaches who got their chess education in the Soviet Union and in later years spread their knowledge in Western Europe and the United States. He was born in Ukraine, studied in Moscow, coached the Russian national team and emigrated to New York in 1997. There he taught at various schools and worked privately with dozens of students.

Dream Moves focuses on five themes that Sher considered important for chess improvement.An unprotected piece, the trigger to start thinking tactics!

In between moves, they help you spring a surprise on your opponent.

Open files, a fundamental element of chess strategy.

The 20% Rule, if your pawn has advanced to the 5th or 6th rank, moving it forward is quite often your best option.

Dream Move, dream about the final, decisive move, and you will find the way there.The book contains close to one hundred illustrated games and more than three hundred puzzles.

Do as the legends did and use these puzzles to sharpen your tactical skills and improve your understanding of chess.

Softback, 304 pages.

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This is the product image for Dream Moves. Detail: Sher,M. Product ID: 9789083382746.
				Price: $44.95.

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