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Wed 21 February 2024 - School Chess Orders Welcome For more information click here.

Australian star chess player
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Mon 15 January 2024 - $750 for the ultimate luxury chess set For more information click here.

Weighted Chess Pieces (White & Red)

Weighted Chess Pieces (White & Red).
Type: EQUIPMENT. Detail: PLASTIC PIECES. Product Code: PCP1R.
Price: AUD $39.95 Now $19.95 (50% discount!!)
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Only two sets left in stock!

The red and white plastic pieces look different.

Quite a heavy plastic chess set weighing in total 1.18 Kg with the king being the tallest piece at 9.5 cm (3.75 inches).This sturdy set is Ideal for chess clubs or adults who want something a bit different.The plastic fold up board is an extra $17.50 and the code is PCB6.

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This is the product image for Weighted Chess Pieces (White & Red). Detail: PLASTIC PIECES. Product ID: PCP1R.
				Price: $19.95.

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