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Australian author, signed copies
Tue 19 January 2021 - ssen: Combinative Chess Genius For more information click here.

Computers back in stock
Thu 7 January 2021 - Try to beat a computer or learn! For more information click here.

Forget 2020 with a 2021 Chess Calendar
Tue 5 January 2021 - Sale! $14.95 includes free postage within Australia For more information click here.

Chess digital clock
Mon 4 January 2021 - A school/tournament chess clock For more information click here.


Queen's Gambit- read it now
Sat 2 January 2021 - The book that inspired the Netflix TV hit. For more information click here.


Demo Board (Including Pieces)

Demo Board (Including Pieces).
Type: EQUIPMENT. Detail: DEMOBOARD. Product Code: PDB5.
Retail Price: AUD $49.95 (includes GST)
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Large slotted demonstration board. The width of the squares are 7.6 cm (3 inches). The board is 68.5cm by 68.5cm (27 inches by 27 inches). The carry bag includes all 32 pieces. Ideal for teaching and used by chess coaches.

This is the product image for Demo Board (Including Pieces). Detail: DEMOBOARD. Product ID: PDB5.
				Price: $49.95.

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Chess Bag Corduroy with Zipper. BAGS. $6.00.
Play 1d4 d5 2 c4 e6!. A, Kornev. $39.95.
The Luzhin Defence (*Adult Themes*). DVD. $9.95.
Fritz & Chesster Volume 1. 0 PLAYING . $59.95.
Advanced Strategy DVD. . $19.95.

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